About Jan


Jan Smith teaches tai chi in Perth.  She is an accredited tai chi instructor.

In 2006 she was accredited by Dr Paul Lam to teach the programme Tai Chi for Arthritis which she  teaches  at the Arthritis Foundation of W.A.  and at other locations in Perth.  Prior to that she practiced and taught Yang Style Tai Chi in Perth.

It is her belief that this ancient martial art is an exhilarating form of exercise which leads to good health, self discovery and a sense of belonging.

Her formal education was in the areas of nutrition and food science and in education.

 Jan holds a Bachelor of Education from The Western Australian College of Advanced Education ( now Edith Cowan University) and a Bachelor of Applied Science with majors in Nutrition and Food Science from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia.

As a health professional she promoted nutrition education in schools and with in the community.

In retirement it was a natural progression for her to promote health education with in the community by teaching Tai Chi which she has practiced for twenty years. 

Jan Smith is  also accredited to teach Tai Chi for Osteoporosis and Tai Chi for Diabetes